Customers look for utilitarian as well as emotional values from their experience with retailers. The two components are reflected in terms of their experience in terms of Success, Effort and Emotion. A study by Qualtric XM Institute called Temkin Experience Rating, puts supermarkets, fast food chains, Other Retailers and banks at the top of the ladder. Auto Dealers are placed at the bottom of this rating. Over the years it shows that while some of companies have evolved to reach the higher levels as lot many of them have deteriorated in provide great customer experience. This could be attributed to the decrease in their performance with customer experience in all the three dimensions, particularly in the emotional connect. It is an indication that a large number of retailers may have become internally focus to increase their productivity and cost efficiencies at the cost of customer experience. On the other hand, retailers like Aldi, Trader’s Joe, Nordstrom, Weghman and Subway are setting new benchmarks in customer experience and emerging as winners


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